Fish Oil Dosage-Best 9 Fish oil Supplements in 2018(Update)

There are numerous benefits of having fish oil in your daily diet, not just one. Firstly, it makes your heart healthy and strong, preventing you from any sort of cardiac disease and complication. Then it makes your mental health sound as well which makes very less chances for you to have any sort of psychiatric and mental complications. Fish oil has some wonderful ingredients to make your skin glow and healthy looking which makes you look younger enough as well. So, it is a complete package improving your liver function, behavioral issues, mood swings, mental power, allergies, bone structure, etc

In this post we review 10 best fish oil brand , find out their pros and cons and build a list of Best 10 fish oil supplements in 2017 

What do Fish oil pills do?

Fish oil is one of the best natural source and a supplement for a person’s health obtained from the tissues of fish. Because,

  • It has large amount of omega-3 fats containing docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA).
  • It does wonders for our body by preventing us from some dangerous diseases like high blood pressure and increased cholesterol level
  • Further, it remove blockage from our arteries which decreases the chances of heart stroke and any sort of cardiac disease

Why take Fish oil?

supplements of Fish oil are also much in trend which is commonly available with different type of food combinations like soy or corn. It is a very effective and cool way to add it in your daily diet. Basically it is made up of Omega – 6 fatty acids which make your diet more balanced and beneficial.

Fish oil just not only prevent you from the above-mentioned serious diseases but it is necessary to have it in your daily diet as it

  • Boost up your mental level
  • Make your bones strong
  • ase your eye-sight
  • Maintain your cholesterol, hormonal balance and blood pressure level

9 Best Fish oil supplement reviews in 2017- Comparison Table

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Dr. Tobias Omega 3 Fish Oil

180 Count

Non-GMO, NSF-Certified,


New Chapter Fish Oil Supplement

30 Count

100% Wild Salmon Oil

NSF Tested & Certified

Gluten Free

Non-GMO Project Verified


Nutrigold Fish Oil

180 Softgels

free of Mercury, Dioxins, PCBs, and toxins.

IFOS 5-Star Certified fish oil.


Carlson Cod Liver Oil

500 ML

sustainably sourced, and IFOS certified

purity guaranteed


Viva Naturals Krill Oil

60 Capliques

5-star certified



Antarctic Krill Oil

60 Softgels

No Fishy Taste

Large, Affordable, Quality, Supply


SmartyPants Vitamins

120 Count

with Omega 3 Fish Oil and Vitamin D

No artificial flavors


Nature Made Fish Oil

90 Count

Non GMO -Gluten Free

Mineral Rich


Nordic Naturals

180 Soft Gels

Support for a Healthy Heart

2017's 9 Best Fish oil supplement reviews

# 1  Dr. Tobias Optimum Omega 3 Fish Oil Pills

It is one of the top 10 Fish oil supplement product available in the market and considered to be as the hub of Omega-3 as it has all the suitable ingredients in it.

Dr. Tobias Optimum Omega 3 Fish Oil Pills has numerous powers and capabilities in it having full source of Fish oil benefits.

It is a different combination of 800 + 400 for EPA and DHA which maximize its benefits for all without boundaries of age and sex.

Dr. Tobias Omega 3 Fish Oil

What is Good

  • Maintains your cholesterol level and cardiovascular development
  • Helps in discarding all the aging effects like wrinkles, crow lines, etc
  • Makes a sound mental development
  • Reduces the chances of all brain related disease like Alzheimer’s, depression, etc

What is not Good

  • As such there are not demerits of these tablets but if you are not good or used to with the fish smell then maybe you won’t like it at all

Over all, it’s a safe product to use for daily usage as there are no such side effects which makes it preferable over others. Doctors recommend taking 2 tablets each day for maximum benefits and for highly effective results.

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# 2 New Chapter Wholemega Fish Oil Supplement

New Chapter Wholemega Fish Oil

It is considered to be as best supplement for the people on diet and wants to consume Fish oil as well because it is rich with the ingredients like Vitamin D3. The manufacturer of this product is also one the reputed organization and they have also added Astaxanthin in it for making it more fresh and rich for the users who are going to consume it. One of the restrictions in the product lies here as it is not accessible everywhere but on the distributor’s shop of manufacturer only.

It can be used as a whole diet if you are recommended to have supplements only by the doctor. Plus it contains the benefits of olive oil as well which is really good for your health and it’s verified to be as 100% pure. It is very good to take it in place of normal diet but doctors recommend only taking 1 tablet per day not more than it.

What You Like

  • Improvises the brain functionality due to presence of pure ingredients
  • Serves as an Antioxidant for the whole body

What You May Don't Like

  • Not accessible everywhere
  • Expensive as compared to other companies products

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# 3 Nutrigold Fish Oil Supplement-Triple Strength

It is natural source of Fish oil supplement loaded with fully benefits of antioxidants and Vitamin E in it which gives full benefits to our body and mind in all means. Not only this but the manufacturer provides similar other products you with some differences according to different preferences of the users like some have high dosage of Vitamins, some have more minerals and forest herbs. Similar some are rich with respect to nutritional point of view and acts a good supplement for your functionality of the body.

It is also one the best products which has numerous positive reviews from its clients. It is recommended to have only single tablet a day.

Nutrigold Triple Strength Omega-3 Gold Fish Oil Supplement

What You Like

  • Over all it improves the arteries and cardiovascular function from further blockage and minimize the chances of strokes
  • It is really beneficial for your healthy hair and glowing skin because it has all the rich ingredients present in it which you ultimately need
  • It is one of those products which are being tested and are Ultra Purified

What You May Don't Like

  • Expensive as compared to other similar products present in the market
  • Only focusing towards the consumption of fatty acids only

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# 4 Carlson Norwegian Cod Liver Oil

Carlson Norwegian Cod Liver Oil

This wonderful Fish oil is different from other as it is not being extracted directly but it is consumed from the liver of the fish and then it is converted into the desired form in which we use it daily.

It contains benefits of nitrogen as well which gives benefits of both. It is tested and verified from the renowned laboratories and is highly recommended b those who have medical background due to its unique set of ingredients and several benefits.

It is preferred to use one single capsule per day as it is enough to compensate your dietary benefits

What You Like

  • It is really fresh as compared to other Fish oil, may be due to its unique combination of ingredients
  • It works wonder for those people who have flu as it is warm in texture which makes feel very comfortable after using it
  • Its enrich with loads of Vitamin D3

What You May Don't Like

  • Mainly it has been observed that it has no major side effects and lots of positive reviews from the people but maybe some people were allergic so it caused them stomach pain but overall it is a must-buy product to have.

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# 5 Viva Naturals Krill Oil

It is a good product having Omega-3 supplement in it specifically designed to meet the medical problems and cater them. It caters to different problems like hormonal imbalance, improvising the immunity power, arteries and veins blockage, etc.

It is a tablet enriched with high potency catering all of the issues which are needed to fulfill through this supplement. Doctors mostly recommend using it in the breakfast due to its highly beneficial ingredients.

It works magic for the patients having joint and bones problems as well

 Viva Naturals Krill Oil

What You Like

  • It helps to make a healthy heart able to sustain in severe cardiovascular diseases, like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arteries blockage, blood clotting, etc
  • It works wonder for the people who are having weak bones and joints mostly the people who are having Arthritis, Osteoporosis, etc. It makes them strong enough to sustain in these problems
  • Very beneficial for those who are having mood disorders syndromes, cramps, pains, depression problems, etc and all others relevant problems associated with it

What You May Don't Like

  • If you are having allergy from any of the ingredient s added in this tablet then please avoid it any case and consult with your doctor
  • If you have been under a proper surgery or are going for a surgery in upcoming days then do avoid it before any mishap.

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# 6 Antarctic Krill Oil Omega 3 Supplement

Antarctic Krill Oil Omega 3 Supplemen

Krill is somewhat similar to crabs and lobsters and looks like shrimp appearance wise. It is one the most favorite food items of big whales, penguins, fishes, etc.

It is abundantly found in countries like Japan, Canada, etc. Krill is used in making of this beneficial oil which overall helps in making a perfect balance and combination in place of food intake and consumption. It is also used in making Krill Oil capsules which has a huge importance for human health.

It is widely used for treating different disease and chronic problems like high blood pressure, hormonal imbalances, osteoporosis, arthritis, risk of heart strokes, cancer, etc. But studies have claimed that start use of Krill Oil only when after having consultation with your personal doctor not before that

What You Like

  • Less consumption of Krill gives the same kind of benefit obtained from Fish oil supplements that is why it is preferred
  • Helps in improving cardiovascular health
  • Makes your body functions stabilize because it acts as an antioxidant

What You May Don't Like

  • The side effects can vary from person to person on the basic of their own allergies and personal body problems like, Fever and flu, Sore throat, Swelling, Chest pain etc

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# 7 SmartyPants Vitamins with Omega 3 Fish Oil

It is a complete source added up with suitable amount of Vitamin D3, Vitamin B, Omega 3 nutrients and all beneficial sources especially catered according to the children of growing age.

It is one of its kind organic food supplements. The unique formulation of multivitamins, Omega-3 nutritional value, Omega-3 fish oil makes it easy to cater everyone’s needs

SmartyPants Vitamins Omega 3 Fish Oil

What You Like

  • It really helps in mental growth, brain development, and hair or nails growth, making skin glow and improves eyesight
  • It also improvises the Vitamin D deficiency in adults and children both. Further helps in solving the health problems related to immunity power, weaker bones structure, body weight issues, etc
  • Sometimes a single diet is not enough to compensate your supplement needs so you need multivitamins for it which helps in the formation of a full-fledge diet. It is composed of ingredients made up of high-quality standards especially beneficial for the children
  • No toxins or artificial flavors or colors are added which could cause any sort of negativity on our body health

What You May Don't Like

  • If the portion of Iron is large in the supplement then maybe it can lead to damaging of organs for those people who are allergic to it, otherwise it’s safe

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# 8 Nature Made Fish Oil

Nature Made Fish Oil

It is one the safest fish oil supplements made by reputed company having various nutritional supplements, benefits of vitamins supply and minerals. As the company says that this Fish Oil is obtained from Sardine fish and have large antioxidants in it which helps to improve the immune system over all.

This Fish oil is made up of highly purified method named as molecular distillation method. It is recommended to take 500 mg of this oil per day for more benefits in less time.

It serves as a great addition of dietary resource to our daily food due to its numerous beneficial characteristics.

What You Like

  • It really helps in reducing cholesterol level and making it balanced
  • Make your blood pressure at normal level
  • It also helps in fighting with depression and mood swing problems
  • Helps in weight loss easily to cut down those extra pounds and making you look healthy
  • Reduces overall swelling of the body or at certain areas
  • Make your bones and joints strong and very beneficial in Osteoporosis and Arthritis cases

What You May Don't Like

  • Sometimes people face back pain, chest pain, bad taste or smell, skin rashes and stomach problems sue to it if it does not suits them

# 9 Nordic Naturals - Ultimate Omega, Support for a Healthy Heart

Nordic Naturals fish oils

Nordic Naturals is one its kind’s health supplements which maximizes the immune system, improvises your overall health, blood pressure, cholesterol level, make your hormones balanced and empowers your brain and mental development.

It is beneficial for both men and women and can easily be purchased from Amazon website.

It contains ideal amount of Omega -3 fatty acids and all of the beneficial nutrients which are necessary for the growth of overall health

What You Like

  • It helps in lowering the blood pressure level and stabilizing the cholesterol level
  • It removes the blockage from arteries and veins which lowers the chances of heart diseases
  • Chances of heart strokes are most likely be lessen by it
  • Highly beneficial in making your hormones balanced and to keep your mood in a good pace

What You May Don't Like

  • Some patients have felt that it increased their blood pressure much to another level; maybe it would not have suited them otherwise it’s a safe product having no major side effects. It is having a gel-like structure so some people had difficulty in swallowing it. Other demerits which were observed are stomach pain, diarrhea, nausea, chest pain, etc

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Is Fish Oil good for you?

Yes, Fish oil is really good for your health but make sure to remember the following before adding it in your daily diet.If your diet has already excessive intake of omega-3 fats from any other resource then this fish oil will create disturbance and side effects. These other sources can include walnuts, proper fish intake in diet and flaxseeds also

How to choose best fish oil - Things to consider

Always check the potency of Fish oil

  • Potency is really an important factor while considering the Fish oil to buy or not. It is actually the amount of oil consumed in per capsule or in drop of oil.
  • It has a definite range which starts from 100mg and exceeds up to 2000mg in normal fish oil, if your fish oil lies between this range and its fine to have it your daily diet
  • Second thing which should be considered mainly is the EPA and DHA level in your Fish oil which serves as one of the most important component while buying one. If you have decide to buy one then prefer that Fish oil which has EPA level around of 180mg and DHA level around of 120 mg as it can provide you the maximum benefits that a Fish oil could have.

Check the ingredients mentioned on the Label carefully

It’s really important that you check the ingredients and their respective amount written on your Fish oil bottle’s label or packing

  • Do consider to check the sum of EPA and DHA amount according to per capsule as it’s over consumption can cause you very serious side effects
  • There are different type of Omega-3 fatty acids present in market so, its duty to heck the packet carefully while picking one that is it right to have or not
  • Doctors recommend taking only 5 or 7 grams of Omega-3 fatty acids per day so it’s up to you that how you check your consumption

Is Fish oil fresh or not?

There’s no rocket behind the technique to tell that is your Fish oil fresh or it is not. Like any other oil if you oxidize the Fish oil as well then if it seems to be smelly or change its color and tastes bad then it is clear that the Fish oil is not fresh otherwise do buy it​

  • Make sure before purchasing the Fish oil that the bottle or packet is having a good packed seal
  • Make sure not to place your Fish oil in front of light or in an exposed area
  • Keep your Fish oil in an air tight jar if you don’t have any suitable bottle
  • Do read the date of product’s expiry carefully

Is the Fish oil’s price justified or not?

Like any other product, compare the benefits, extra value added factors and then price with other Fish oil companies and then make your mind to get the one you want

  • It is better that while considering your final choice; you check EPA + DHA amount as well
  • Don’t go with the cheap price Fish oil as it is not necessary that it would be the Best one

FAQ(Free Asked Question)

Daily Intake - How many mg of Fish oil?

For healthy people it is better to take minimum 200 mg and maximum 250 mg of capsules daily.If you are pregnant or perform breastfeeding then it is beneficial to have more 200 mg daily in your dietary supplements as it would you stronger.

How much fish oil is too much?

Initially, it is preferred to have a start with one pill a day along with the meal because stomach gets upset if the dosage is high in starting. Then eventually you can increase with having 1 in a morning and 1 in evening and later on it can become 2 tablets on both times.

high consumption of fish oil is not safe for your proper functioning of body whether it is the immune system, cardiovascular system, lungs or bones and joints

What is Omega-3 used for?

The Omega – 3 is a strong substance having DHA and EPA which leads to numerous benefits. It does not only help your body in proper functioning but also maximize several benefits for your health

What's The Benefits of Omega-3 Fish oil 

The Fish Oil obtained from Omega- 3 is a main hub of several benefits for the body as it improvises the liver function, brain capability and omits the cardiovascular diseases. It’s up to you whether you take the fish oil separately or pour it in your favorite meal, it will affect the same. The ultimate problem these days which people normally have is Depression and Omega- 3 fish oil fights with it easily and work as an antidepressant for you. Similarly, works as a magic for your weak joint and bones and eventually it stabilizes your immune system so that you would be able to fight with all kinds of diseases


  • It is always better to have consultation with your doctor properly before using it because improper consumptions can cause itching, irritation , chest burning, infections, hypertension, high cholesterol level, etc which will lead you into serious traumatic problems
  • One more thing to consider before buying or having Fish oil is to make sure that your manufacturer’s brand is reputed because sometimes the fish which has been used to make oil is not suitable for it and has been compelled to make it through dangerous chemical which cause chronic diseases. Similarly, take it in a balanced portion as excessiveness of everything is not safe at all​

In the light of above –mentioned information, it is evident that Fish Oil has numerous benefits which are really beneficial for our health related to our heart, lungs, skin, bones, joints, behavior, hormones, chronic diseases, etc. Moreover it contains rich ingredients, like zinc, potassium, iron, etc as well. But yes, if you are not sure that it may cause you allergy or any other problem then it’s better to have it after every two weeks and in the meanwhile realize the changes occurring in your body if it does. It is recommended not to use too much of fish oil specially in summers but yes once in awhile or 4 times in a month is good and rather start taking fish twice in a week in your diet because it s more and more beneficial as compared to it

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