Weight issues are the most common problem that every second individual is facing. Once you gain a lot of weight, it is very hard to lose it. However, we can see examples of people who lose a significant amount of weight in no time all because of their willpower. So you can get the motivation from these people. Today We are going to discuss about a List of Foods that burn fat fast.


Most Common Reasons for Weight Gain

  1. Most of the people these days do not bother if their weight is increasing or not. They neglect taking care of their health and body and so they gain weight and spoil their body shape as well. The excessive fats in your body create many health related issues and reason of many serious diseases like diabetes, and heart diseases.
  2. People are too busy in their daily life that they don’t notice that their body’s fats are increasing. Many, on the other hand, do not know how much fats are required in the bodies of males and females. Yes, there is a certain amount of fat that is needed for your body.

The main component of our body is fat along with the other major component of muscles, bones and blood. The fats that are good for our body are essential fats while the other is storage fat. Men carry 3% of this fat while women have more than 12%.
Storage fat is devastating for your health if it is excessive and it can cause many serious health issues so this is the time to take steps to reduce this fat before it is too late. The basic reason of the excessiveness of this fat is our high intake of junk food, fast and spicy food, disturbed and unhealthy diet, carbonated drinks and inorganic food.

Top List of Foods that burn fat fast and increase metabolism

Now is the time to make a proper diet plan and to follow foods that burn fat fast and increase metabolism regularly with patience. The heart diseases, strokes and many other serious diseases are the one that is associated with high fats. You have to bring change in your overall lifestyle and way of living, and not just change in your diet plan to lose your weight and ensure healthy and happy life.

Take Oatmeal for Breakfast

You can first specify the food items that can not only reduce fat, but also provide sufficient energy to you. The problem with your morning snack is due to the intake of high levels of sugar. For instance, you can consume oatmeal in your morning meal with berries to sweeten it. It is full of nutritious and increase energy. Follow these Three basic oatmeal recipe as for quick Start.

Basic oatmeal recipe

                                                  Three Basic oatmeal recipe for Breakfast


Does Water Help to Burn Fat Fast

Well, Read What the popular Health/Lifestyle Blog livestrong.com said about the fact  – Water is solvent for nutrients and these nutrients are delivered to the cells. Clean water consumption helps in elimination of waste products from the cells. Make sure that the water you consume is clean and uncontaminated. You should increase the intake of water in your daily routine and you will see the miracle it brings to your life. Create a favorite detox water bottle and drink it whole day. check this Green Smoothie 7 Day Detox Diet Plan. You will remain active, and start losing weight and fats in your belly. It will also make your skin fresh and glow.If you are fond of coffee, then minimize the limit to maximum 2 cups a day.

Green smoothie Detox recipe

                                                         Green smoothie Detox recipe

(Water is needed to clean your stomach and it serves as the delivery system for the cells to get nutrients. The toxins and waste products get cleaned and it improves your health. There are some professional nutritionists that can provide you the proper diet plan.)

Healthiest greens and Vegetables

Add some healthiest greens and Vegetables on your Plate. They are low in calories and are rich in fiber. Among the other foods that burn fat fast includes leafy green vegetables like kale, spinach etc. that carries best properties in weight loss diet. Boiled potatoes are also the perfect food for weight loss and it is a highly nutritious food as well. Once you start following a diet plan, include carrot at the beginning of the meal. Spinach has a lot of iron that gives you energy. It is an exceptionally nutritious food and also helps in fighting against cancer.

Healthiest greens and Vegetables -live holistic life

                                                    Healthiest greens and Vegetables

Surprising Fruits that burn belly fat

Quite interesting right?  There are many Fruits that can help in burning excessive fats. Remember – “Eat eat eat Apples and Bananas” That nursery rhyme.  Yes, Apple and Bananas are the best fat burning food. You must have heard an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Yet, at the same time, provides energy. On the other hand, dietitian often prescribe to add bananas in your morning breakfast. List of fat burning fruits includes Avocado  oranges,  Coconuts, Grapefruits, Pomegranate  etc. makes your body stronger and lean. Another fruit that is best in weight loss is blueberries. They are a great source of vitamin C and burn extra fat and sugar.

fruits that burn belly fat

                                                          Fruits that burn belly fat

Proteins / Lean Meats

You need proteins that are very effective in burning fat while they are also very essential for your body. So if you are looking for a protein rich food, eggs are the best alternative. Protein also helps in strengthening the muscles and the studies show that taking two eggs in breakfast is 400 times less calorie diet than taking the bagels. Many people completely cut off the intake of meat while they are on a diet. This is wrong as lean meat is good if you want to lose fat. Take chicken breast or turkey breast as it provides energy levels and reduce weakness.

Lean Meats-live holistic life

Dairy Products

The next important thing along with these highly nutritious foods is to reduce the intake of high fat dairy products. Instead, stop using them at all. Start consuming low fat dairy products that are rich in vitamin D and will help in losing weight. Other major foods that accelerate fat include yogurt, low fat milk and cheese. Yogurt is loaded with vitamin, potassium, zinc, phosphorus, and calcium and you will be surprised to know how effective yogurt is in the weight losing program. Yogurt contains B12, which maintains red blood cells in your body and helping in the proper functioning of your nervous system.

Dairy Products -live holistic life

Yummy Nuts

Nuts are an excellent snack that contains a balanced amount of protein, fiber and healthy fats. They can improve the metabolic health and good in weight loss.  Let’s check-  bbcgoodfood.com ‘s article -the Nut’s Comparison chart.

The health benefits of nuts

So, Add all of these Yummy nuts like Brazil nuts, almonds, Walnuts, cashew in your everyday snacks.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Organic apple cider vinegar also helps in reducing excess weight. The best way is to mix it with water and drink it before every meal to help digestion. Try this – Bragg Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar.Green tea also makes you fit and make your day refreshing. Green tea is the best antioxidant and help in reducing extra kilos drastically.

apple cider vinegar-live holistic life


You should simply try to focus on foods that accelerate fat burning, but remember this procedure is time consuming. Once you start following a particular diet plan, you should wait patiently for the results. Remember that the natural ways of losing your weight take time, but they at the same time, make your muscles stronger, and increase energy level and metabolism.

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Health and Fitness Inspiration

Whatever the diet chart you follow, make sure to choose the foods that burn fat fast and increase metabolism. First of all, you have to know how metabolism works so that you can the diet later. Metabolism is the procedure where the food is converted into energy. There are various foods that burn fat and increase metabolic rate.

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